A Cheltenham wide community project bringing together associations and individuals who all have one thing in common. The wish to see local food being used to feed our communities.

preparing food for sharing

The project has 3 main aims.

To identify as many places in and around Cheltenham as possible that can be used to grow more food. This could range from a small allotment plot to a few acres of farmland suitable for a CSA scheme.

To work with community organisations to create food halls capable of serving good quality nutritious meals meals at a low price.

To create a food distribution hub, linking suppliers of local food with the food halls.

We need YOUR help. If you have any of these skills let us know:

  • Keen allotment growers willing to mentor new plot holders
  • Contacts with farmers and local land owners
  • willing to wander round your patch to identify possible sites for growing
  • Do you have a van that could be used occasionally to move stuff
  • Contacts in the kitchen trade, what equipment is coming up for sale?
  • PR and web design skills
  • WordPress plugin skills
  • just willing to volunteer on an occasional basis

If you are interested in finding out how you can help, please email feedingUK@gmail.com

a basket of veg